Presenting Our 2016-17 Season


In 2016-17, we’ve doubled our efforts and have prepared a fantastic season of chamber music and jazz. This year features 32 events produced by Resonance and our community partners. Each has been grouped into one of six series. Each series maintains an identity of its own, uniquely designed to spotlight a community partnership or a particular event format, genre, educational opportunity, or other deciphering factor.

Chose from Six Series

We’ve been busy this summer creating each series and event, procuring artists and performers, designing and producing a season brochure, and scheduling additional promotional campaigns to help us grow our audience. Last week we began running a weekly ad in the Seattle Weekly and sent our season brochure off to the printers. We can’t wait for you to see all that we’ve prepared!

We’ve incorporate a new graphic structured designed to help you better understand and identify each unique series of events. Visually, each series features a specific color code along with a series “splash” that provides a brief description of the series itself. You’ll see this design occur on our website, our ads, and within our season brochure.


As always, visitors to our website can filter events by selecting “refine results” at the top of the events calendar and clicking on the series of interest.

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Save with Season Tickets

In addition to single show tickets, this year we’re introducing season tickets. These are a great cost savings to those who wish to attend three or more events. Best of all, we’ve provided you with the flexibility to select from 22 events without being locked into one series over another.

Season Tickets