Sponsorship at a Glance

There are four main sponsorship categories from which to choose (available annually):

Venue Sponsors:

A major contribution at this level entitles you to all the perks we offer, including prominent cross promotional branding and advertising along with exclusivity to your industry. Once established, no competitor may be featured in this category for the term of your sponsorship. Venue sponsors also receive up to *10 tickets to each RESONANCE production. 

Season Sponsors:

Benefit from significant visibility as a sponsor of every RESONANCE or affiliated production for an entire season. Season sponsors also receive up to *10 tickets to as many as 10 RESONANCE productions.

Series Sponsors:

Select one of several annual series and be featured as a major contributing sponsor. Series sponsors also receive up to *10 tickets to all RESONANCE series productions they choose to sponsor.

Event Sponsors:

Pick one or more events for significant recognition on a budget! Event sponsors also receive up to *10 tickets to the RESONANCE production they chose to sponsor.

*Some Restrictions apply. Offer applies only to those events produced by Resonance and cannot be used for concerts/events produced by a rental client or community partner. Selections must be made during the sponsorship purchase process. Sponsors receive a voucher that must be redeemed at least 48 hours prior to the start of an applicable event. 

A guide to benefits

Resonance delivers a variety of effective marketing collateral from a comprehensive printed brochure with season event listings, advertising, and artist spotlights to a modern, mobile-ready website featuring dynamic content and a streamlined one-stop-shop for venue tickets and other purchases. Talk to our Event Sales and Marketing Manager to discover more about how your organization can benefit from a sponsorship partnership with Resonance, today!Sponsor Benefits Table

2016-17 Marketing Channels and Platforms

Resonance connects with three main customer groups:

  1. The audiences that attend our productions
  2. The clients who rent our facility
  3. Our business and marketing sponsors


Depending on your level of sponsorship, our sponsors reach all three of these groups through several promotional channels and platforms. With your support we plan to invest substantially in:

  1. Radio Advertising and Underwriting on stations like KING FM, KPLU, and KUOW
  2. Print Advertising in weekly and monthly publications like The Seattle Weekly and 425 Magazines
  3. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  4. Online Multimedia streaming platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud
  5. Uniquely created Blogs and audio/video podcasts