Group Tickets via Eventbrite


We’re excited to share new Group Ticket options courtesy of Evenbrite.

To get started, click the Buy Tickets button, select the Group option, then enter a group name to search for an existing group or create a group of your own. Purchase tickets, then return to the Eventbrite dashboard to invite others to join the group. Membership maximums and minimums may apply and vary from one event to another.

No need to coordinate ticket purchases or hassle repaying a single buyer. Everyone can buy their own tickets independently but still join the group. It’s a great way to invite your friends to come along.

Group tickets also feature other incentives such as discounted tickets when guests purchase a minimum quantity; making it more affordable to include your children and other family members.

Currently, group tickets are being beta tested and are only available for our new stand up comedy series. However, depending on overall guest response, we may offer group registration for more future events.

** Please note: group tickets are still general admission and do not reserve specific guaranteed seating. Arrive early and together to claim group seating.  

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