Amenities Available At Resonance Events

Amenities Available At Resonance Events

Resonance Events continually invests in amenities and services that support our concert operations. These amenities are also ideal for many rental clients and their various needs. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Tables, chairs, and linens
  • Audio Engineering and Mixing using high quality microphones
  • A Yamaha C7X grand piano provided by Classic Pianos Bellevue
  • High Definition projector and screen
  • Professional stage lighting
  • Multi-camera Video Production
  • HD Video File Of Your Event/Concert/Presentation
  • Acoustic Sound Diffraction
  • Online Event Listings and Ticket Sales
  • Virtual Content Monetization Capabilities
  • Bar Service
  • Outside Catering Service

Tables, chairs, and linens

Our venue accommodates a variety of seating configurations for small to mid-sized events.

  • 81 Tables All-Seated
    • Up to nine 60” round nine-top tables.
    • Up to four 6′ banquet tables.
    • Up to two 8′ banquet tables.
    • Table linens included.
  • 120 Auditorium Seating.
    • Up to 120 chairs in rows. 
    • Up to four 6′ banquet tables.
    • Up to two 8′ banquet tables.
    • Table linens included.
    • 150 Cocktail Reception.
  • 150 Cocktail Reception
    • Up to three 60” round nine-top tables.
    • Up to six cocktail tables.
    • Up to four 6′ and two 8′ banquet tables.
    • Table linens included.

Audio Mix Using High Quality Microphones

Our system integrates up to 18 individual audio inputs and 6 aux sends. This delivers high quality sound to performers on stage, guests in the hall, and via livestream/recording.

Resonance engineers three distinct audio mixes.

  • House mix (what the in-person audience hears)
  • Stage mix (monitors that performers hear (different balance between instruments)
  • Stream mix (needs a separate mic and then mixed into the video)

A Yamaha C7X grand piano provided by Classic Pianos Bellevue

This top model in the CX Series is very close to a concert grand, and “sings” with a voice of refined grace.

High Definition projector and screen

We use powerful tools to bring your media to life. Share content with guests on site while broadcasting the same content – full screen – to the virtual/streaming audience.

  • LiveControl video service provider.
  • Broadcast to common streaming platforms using RTMP
  • Integration of presentation visuals (cut to projector content)
  • Branding with custom graphic overlays

Professional stage lighting

Placement is key when it comes to lighting, and we’ve got everything set up for maximum exposure.

Multi-camera Video Production With Robotic Cameras

The average traditional live video production involves a large team of engineers and camera operators. Remotely controlled cameras minimize the labor standard production environments require. Since one person operates and mixes all multiple cameras, we can deliver more value at a fraction of the cost.

Four cameras installed high overhead are remotely operated by our partners at LiveControl. Paired with our audio engineering prowess, fully mixed multi-camera livestreams and recordings are engineered with little to no impact on guests and the events taking place within the venue. These cameras offer:

  • Full pan, tilt, zoom.
  • HD resolution and cinema quality picture.
  • Overhead installation (allows for use of full venue footprint) w/ no disruption to guests and operation in venue.

HD Video File of Your Event, Concert, or Presentation

Once your event is complete, we’ll deliver an HD digital video file that you can use long after your event has ended. Upload the whole video to YouTube or other social media platforms. Post to your website or slice it up for use in marketing and promotional videos.

Sound Diffraction

The uneven surface of these wooden panels prevents sound from bouncing back and forth between walls. The result is superior natural acoustic with even audio harmonics. The room sounds great from corner to corner.

Diffractor Panel

Monetization Capabilities

Go beyond just filming – we help you earn your investment back. We can help you secure the contents and sell access via our website or broadcast to any standard RTMP platform like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more. We help set up online ticket sales for in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff place the bar in the ideal spot, inline with your desired layout. We source boutique wines from some of Washington’s best vintners and beer from local breweries, paired with delicious gourmet snack foods. 

Service conditions vary based on licensing guidelines and restrictions. Please consult our Event Specialist for specific details concerning your event.

Kul Mocks

Bodhizafa IPA

GoodSam Chocolates

Cabernoir (Red Blend) 2020 - Prohibition Cellars

Outside Catering Service

Typical venues don’t always offer this service. If your event requires food service, supply rentals, flowers, photos, and other specialized services, we offer coordination with any licensed catering service or outside vendors. We even have a list of recommended vendors that will save you precious time and help prevent unexpected errors and mishaps.

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published 10/25/2022
Kristopher Jenkins
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Kristopher evangelizes the power of gathering to transform human relationships and communities. In his spare time you may find him traveling or whispering to plants in his garden.
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