Attending an Event at Resonance

Attending an Event at Resonance

In our post-pandemic world, having a plan is more important than ever. The return of live music has called for a few small changes to process and procedure here at Resonance. We want your experience with us to be the best it can be. Here are a few tips to know before you go. 

Arrival: "In-Person & Live Stream" Events

Concerts aren’t like movies; no 20-minute previews before the action begins. Plan ahead!

Events marked In-Person & Live Stream are streamed in front of a live audience. Therefore, it is vital for guests to be seated prior to the scheduled event start time.

  1. Doors always open at least 30 minutes prior to showtime
  2. Please check the event listing for the exact time of door opening.
  3. Please be seated at least 15 minutes prior to showtime. 

Is this your first visit? Please review parking + wayfinding information. 

Check In

Please be prepared to display your ticket during check in.

  1. Install the Stellar Tickets app on your Apple or Android device. 
  2. Log in to access purchased tickets. 
  3. Display the QR code for scanning.

You’re all set! Just place an order with the bartended and make yourself comfortable in an open seat.

Pre-order bar items? They’re ready for pickup at the bar.

Your Tickets to Events

Access the events you’ve already purchased from Your Tickets on the Stellar app.

Live Stream

Live Stream tickets provide access to live stream content during the event. Video On Demand tickets provide access for a specific period of time after the event has completed.

Learn more about streaming an event

Need Help?

Click the Contact the Event Organizer link at the bottom of the Stellar Tickets event listing then follow the prompts to connect with the right agent.

Thank you and enjoy the show!

Your prepared and timely arrival make the evening an enjoyable experience for you and other guests. 

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published 05/28/2022
Kristopher Jenkins
Executive Director | General Manager
Kristopher evangelizes the power of gathering to transform human relationships and communities. In his spare time you may find him traveling or whispering to plants in his garden.
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