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Hosting Your Hybrid or Virtual Event

Add our multi-camera streaming service to any event rental and broadcast to a worldwide audience from our Seattle-Bellevue event venue and studio. Incorporate your own graphic designs and recorded media. Use recordings to showcase and promote events

Hybrid and Virtual Events are ideal for...

Individuals, organizations, businesses, performing artists, musicians, nonprofits, associations, social groups, clubs, office teams, schools, teachers, students, friends, families, and many more.

Add live stream production to make any event virtual. Include guests separated by distance or circumstance. Avoid costly and time-consuming travel. Share moments with loved ones unable to attend in-person. Reach a global audience of customers, team members, and business partners.

Benefits of a Hybrid or Virtual Event

Resonance Events has everything you need to produce a live stream, hybrid or recorded virtual event. Going virtual for your next corporate meeting, concert performance, or any other event provides many benefits such as:


Accommodate in-person attendees while simultaneously streaming to remote guests.


Reach a larger audience for less. Reuse and repackage recorded content to deliver value long after your event is complete. 


  • Inflation and environmental concerns.
  • COVID or other health concerns.


Use any platform that supports the RTMP standard like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Vimeo, Resonance Events, and many more.


Resonance Events can help clients monetize streaming content by securing it behind a paywall and facilitating transactions online.


    • Incorporate promotional content like sponsor highlights, calls to action, video/image ads, etc. 
    • Repackage and reuse recorded video content in future campaigns.

Hybrid and Virtual Event Features

Virtual Event Production at Resonance is unlike anything you will find elsewhere. We offer:

  • One-man remote operation of four (4) robotic cameras
    • LiveControl video service provider.
    • HD cinema quality image.
    • Full pan, tilt, zoom.
    • Overhead installation (allows for use of full venue footprint) w/ no disruption to guests and operation in venue.
  • Resonance engineers three distinct audio mixes.
    • House mix
    • Stage mix
    • Stream mix
  • Projection and graphic design elements.
    • Logos, bumps, lower thirds into video.
    • Incorporate content from slide shows, pre-production audio/video, b-roll, etc. in either or both in-venue projection (upstage) and/or streaming content.
Tell us about you and your event to begin your free consultation!
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Sorry! Effective August 31, 2023, Resonance permanently closed its doors. We are no longer accepting booking requests.

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