Friendly People

Group Tickets via Eventbrite

We’re excited to share new Group Ticket options courtesy of Evenbrite. To get started, click the Buy Tickets button, select the Group option, then enter a group name to search for an existing group or create a group of your own. Purchase tickets, then return to the Eventbrite dashboard to invite others to join the group. Membership maximums and minimums […]

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Amelia Moore, Flamenco dance

An Interview with Oleaje Flamenco’s, Amelia ‘La Rubia’

We sat down with Amelia “La Rubia”, the dancer with Oleaje Flamenco, to learn about the background of flamenco, to hear why she loves flamenco so much, and about what you can expect this Thursday at their show at Resonance. We hope you join us! Q. Tell us a little about the art form of […]

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Summer News 2019

What’s New This Summer?

Resonance has long been committed to supporting artists. We are a physical marketplace that connects the community to high quality performing artists and their work. To improve the experience for artists and patrons alike, we’re making several small but significant changes to our offerings. Beginning June 6, 2019, Resonance will begin presenting live music in […]

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share the love

Share the Love

We know how much you support artists and what we do to bring them to downtown Bellevue. But did you know that every dollar we spend to inform the public about a performance costs the artist 40-60 cents in lost revenue? Join our Share the Love campaign by doing a few small but meaningful things […]

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