Resonance Events and Eastside Music Teachers Association (EMTA) partner to ensure more private recitals for students

Resonance Events and Eastside Music Teachers Association (EMTA) partner to ensure more private recitals for students

Resonance and the Eastside Music Teachers Association are proud to announce a new partnership. The relationship is designed to sustain affordable venue accessibility for music teachers to host private recitals featuring their students.  

Resonance is committed to serving the performing arts in Bellevue and surrounding areas. Together with our partners at Classic Pianos Bellevue, we provide a professional facility and high quality piano so that music students can perform and share their talents with friends and family. This is one of several ways we strive to build and nurture a healthy community.

Why partner with EMTA?

Resonance has long offered private music teachers a significantly reduced rate. To continue doing so, we must control associated operating costs, increase productivity, and mitigate opportunity losses.  

EMTA is an ideal partner. The majority of our existing Private Recital clients are already members of EMTA. Resonance regularly hosts EMTA fundraisers, competitions, and festivals. EMTA members are highly engaged stakeholders in the performing arts. By virtue of mutual respect and member affiliation, we believe that EMTA is a highly valuable and trustworthy partner capably of managing the use of our venue by its members. By taking responsible action, EMTA is ensuring continued support for student recitals.

What’s Changing?

On June 1, 2022, EMTA will begin administering and scheduling all Private Recital booking requests on behalf of its members during a special Open Enrollment Period. EMTA will continue to coordinate access and use of the venue for those events throughout the year.

In return for scheduling more recitals early, EMTA members who schedule during the Open Enrollment Period will continue to receive reduced rates and gain more schedule flexibility.

The partnership also allows Resonance to focus on growth while maintaining valuable relationships with meaningful stakeholders. Meanwhile, EMTA delivers increased value to its members with more incentive to join and maintain their membership.

EMTA Member Open Enrollment Period (June 1 - July 31)

During the EMTA Open Enrollment period the staff of Resonance Events will no longer facilitate private recital bookings. Instead, interested parties will be referred to EMTA. Individuals who are not already members may join EMTA during the enrollment period or wait till August to book directly through Resonance Events. 

At the end of open enrollment, EMTA will compile booking requests on behalf of its members first, then in one single transaction, EMTA will purchase and secure that time from Resonance Events. EMTA will also coordinate and manage venue use for those events secured through EMTA.

The staff of Resonance Events will not provide administrative and supervisory services for those who book their events through EMTA but will continue to do so for those who book directly through Resonance Events during the Resonance Open Enrollment period in August. 

Here’s what EMTA members should do to claim this benefit.

Plan Ahead

Compile a list of desired dates/times for the entire year. The booking schedule begins on September 1st and ends on August 31st of each year.

Submit Request During Open Enrollment

EMTA members who submit their request to EMTA during their open enrollment period will claim reduced rental rates, increased flexibility, and receive priority booking. EMTA Open Enrollment begins on June 1st and ends on July 31st, annually.

Teacher Student Private Recitals
EMTA Coordination & Management of Venue

EMTA members should continue to coordinate event details with EMTA administrators throughout the year.

Guidelines & Restrictions

  • Rate. Please consult the EMTA Administrator for rates.
  • Venue Supervisor. Venue supervision is no longer provided by venue.  
    • Teachers are expected to coordinate access with EMTA admins, follow provided guidelines, arrive before their guests, leave the space clean and orderly, and provide timely access for others. 
    • Resonance will publish user guides. 
    • EMTA is responsible for distributing and enforcing guidelines and managing any conflict resolution. 
  • Availability. 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Sundays. If both sessions are booked consecutively, 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. EMTA may allocate time in any reasonable configuration within the purchased timeframe. 
  • Exclusivity. Recital slots may be reserved exclusively by EMTA members (teachers) operating a music studio. 
    • Multiple students must be performing (no solo recitals, fundraisers, professional performances, etc.). 
    • Neither parents or students may book a recital slot. 
    • Guests of any recital must be limited to the teacher’s students and the family and friends of the students (no public promotion). 
  • Event Registration. Teachers may require registration and/or charge a fee to attend, but such registration must be transacted privately (e.g. no public listings online or on Resonance.events). 
  • Other services (e.g. live stream, staffing, advanced AV) may be purchased directly from Resonance. Contact Us.
  • Damages. Resonance reserves the right to assess damages and other applicable fees.
  • Due Diligence. Resonance reserves the right to deny entry or decline booking requests to EMTA members (clients) who disregard guidelines or are found to be reasonably negligent in their duty to safeguard property and the health and safety of their guests.


Do I have to be an EMTA member to rent the venue for a Private Recital?

No. However, we extend special rates and priority booking to EMTA members who apply during the open enrollment period. In other words, EMTA members get their first pick of dates at a lower rate than others.

How can I become a member of EMTA?

Those who wish to book their recitals early and benefit from the reduced rate should join EMTA.

I’m already a member of EMTA. How do I apply to rent the venue for my Private Recital?

Please contact EMTA directly for instructions.

How can I book time for a Private Recital if I’m not a member and don’t want to join EMTA?

Resonance extends an annual Open Enrollment period for non-EMTA members from August 1st to August 31st of each year. During that time, our staff will work with you to book your event from whatever remains of available dates. Submit an event inquiry

What dates are available to book for Private Recitals?

In general, only Sunday afternoons and evenings are reserved for recitals. Other days of the week may be rented for that purpose but are subject to regular market rates.

Why do you charge different rates for different periods of time and different event types or purposes?

Resonance Events is a for profit enterprise that relies on market structures to sustain our business. We thoughtfully reserve an inventory of specific dates and periods of time to benefit and serve specific stakeholders who make a special contribution to arts education and the sustainability of the arts in our community. The income generated from other events, hosted during periods of higher demand or value, is what makes reduced rates for Private Recital rentals possible. 

Do you accept booking requests after open enrollment periods?

Yes. However…

  • Priority is given annually to EMTA members who apply during their open enrollment period.
  • Available inventory is limited to Sunday afternoons and evenings. We expect inventory to be extremely limited by the end of open enrollment.
  • Resonance will extend its own open enrollment period to non-EMTA teachers during the month of August, each year.
  • Requests to schedule events beyond August 31st of each year cannot be booked until after both open enrollment periods have concluded.

In other words, if you want to ensure access to a specific date, you should join EMTA and request all the dates/times you need for the year during their open enrollment period.

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