First Thursday Salons

First Thursday Salons with OLEAJE FLAMENCO

First Thursday Salons with OLEAJE FLAMENCO

Resonance is excited to spring into fall with a celebration of Flamenco. Join us for an intimate and engaging exploration of this Spanish art form featuring passionate singing, the nimble strumming and plucking of guitars, bewitching rhythmic percussion, and intoxicating and sensuous dance featuring our guests Oleaje Flamenco.

“Immediately, they set the room shimmering with energy… Every minute shifted between deep satisfaction and pure thrill…The precision of rhythm and seamless construction of each dance is pure expertise. Not merely displaying virtuosity, Oleaje uses technique to pull you deep into their world.”Emma Ferguson, Seattle Dances

“Amelia Moore and Jose Luis Uz electrify the stage and punctuate key scenes with the rhythmic fury and sensuality of their Flamenco dance.”Herbert Paine, Broadway World

First Thursday Salons are inspired by a 19th century tradition of informal and intimate performances at home. Audiences are encouraged to wear comfortable attire, bring their friends, and engage in a highly social and interactive musical experience. The series features communal seating at sophisticated tables with beer and wine bar service available in the hall and throughout each performance. Snacks and other non-alcoholic beverages are also available.

Presented by: Resonance at SOMA Towers

September 5, 2019 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm | Duration 2h

All Ages Welcome
Beer/Wine Served
Snack Food at Bar
Table Seating



Oleaje Flamenco is a Seattle-based group of musicians and dancers who share a passion for the rawness and virtuosity of traditional Flamenco while creating fresh perspectives drawn from their rich backgrounds in a variety of musical and movement styles. Learn More