You Pick Pass

You Pick Pass

You Pick Pass

You Pick Pass is our version of a season pass and a great way to get an excellent deal on tickets for most public events at Resonance. You can use your pass toward any of the events tagged You Pick Pass.

What’s a You Pick Pass?

Your pass is a virtual gift card. *Avoid ticketing fees and save by buying in bulk and in advance.

How do I claim events using my pass?

Buy now and you’ll instantly receive an email notice providing step-by-step instructions.

Put simply, the notice contains a unique code. Return to our website, select a qualifying event, enter the promo code, and complete the registration. Your You Pick Pass code will decrease the retail price of each ticket – in most cases to $0.00.

Are there other benefits?

Yes. *Avoid Eventbrite service fees. You pay no service fees on your pass purchase and you’ll pay no service fees when your pass applies the full value of the ticket when claiming your seat at an event.

Does my pass expire? 

No. Not anymore. Beginning September, 2018, as long as value remains in your pass, you may continue to use it to claim seats at any qualifying event.

Which events qualify?

Any events tagged with You Pick Pass qualify.

More questions?

We’re hear to help. Write or call 425.443.2585 opt. 3.

* If a ticket price exceeds the pass’s per use value, service fees may apply based on the remaining balance.

September 1, 2018

Resonance at SOMA Towers

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Resonance is a boutique performing arts and community events venue designed for the presentation of chamber music and other forms of intimate music performances. Its unique design enhances the natural warmth and resonance of acoustic instruments. Beginning September, 2015, our artistic team, together with our partners, will present a season of fantastic musicians and performances. Resonance […]