07:30 pm PDT - Thursday 06/02/2022

Jeff Baker NEXTET

Featuring Sam Tru & Alex Baird

07:30 pm PDT - Thursday 06/02/2022

Jeff Baker NEXTET

Featuring Sam Tru & Alex Baird


After two long years, we’re grateful to welcome the Bellevue Jazz & Blues Music Series back to its regular place and time.

Resonance is proud to present the Jeff Baker NEXTET, featuring two emerging recording artists from Next Music Company, local darling, Alex Baird and Boise-based Sam Tru.

Across five albums as a solo artist, and several more as a producer, arranger and composer, Jeff Baker has taken his place as one of the most significant voices in contemporary music. With the launch of Next Records and Story + Sound, this is only the beginning. From indie pop, to straight ahead jazz, to heart-wrenching originals, his full discography as an artist, producer, and songwriter showcases a one-of-a-kind talent.

Soak up the sound of a new generation of jazz as they fill our intimate music studio with modern renditions of American classics, creative interpretations of contemporary genres, and original material.


Know before you go...

No Vaccination Required
Masks Optional
This event features beer & wine service at check in and throughout the event.
Doors open 60 minutes prior to showtime. Please arrive in time to be seated by showtime.
This event features snack foods at the bar.
California Casual Dress: a laid back but smart-casual dressing followed by the tech professionals of the software companies based in California, which includes casual shirts, t-shirts, slack, jeans, and sports jackets.
Guests under 21 must be accompanied by an adult. We trust parents and guardians to consider the impact their young children may have on the enjoyment of other guests.

Seating / Layout

This event features seating at tables.
Seating Layout - 6 Tables - 68 Seats


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