07:30 pm PDT - Thursday 09/22/2022

Dancehall Days

Do you remember the 22nd night of September?

07:30 pm PDT - Thursday 09/22/2022

Dancehall Days

Do you remember the 22nd night of September?

Kristopher Jenkins Profile
published 07/31/2022
Kristopher Jenkins
General Manager
Kristopher evangelizes the power of gathering to transform human relationships and communities. In his spare time you may find him traveling or whispering to plants in his garden.
Approx. 90 min

This is the story of a small Canadian town, a curling rink, and the college kids from Oregon who inspired them to “stop being polite and start getting real!”

Join my college roommate Colby Hendricks, his band DanceHall Days, and me, as we relive that fateful night to the sounds of popular hits from the 60’s to today, featuring the best of Pop, Soul, R&B, Rock and much more.

The evening is a fond farewell to a fantastic summer and features boutique wines by Prohibition Cellars. Get individual tickets or – better yet – a discounted package for two that include your choice of wines by the bottle + charcuterie & cheese snack boxes provided by The Catering Company (package available exclusively by pre-order).

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Care to hear more of the story? Then get tickets, show up, check in at the bar, boogie with us, and relive 1997 all over again.

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Can’t make it? Maybe you live outside of Seattle or already have other plans. No problem! Just pour a tasty beverage, relax in a comfy chair, then stream this event anytime after showtime and before access expires. Learn more below.

DanceHall Days Profile
Astonishing musicianship with a repertoire that is wildly diverse and authentic. Dancehall Days has been thrilling audiences all over the continental United States and Hawaii, England and the Bahamas, playing at venues such as Fleetwood’s On Front Street – Maui, Charley’s – Maui, The Troubadour – London, One And Only...
Let us delight you!

Our experienced and friendly staff stand ready to take your order before, during, and after the event. Check in early, order a snack or beverage, and enjoy the company of friends.

Featured Items

Foule (White) 2021 - Prohibition Cellars

Chardonnay 2020 - Prohibition Cellars

Cabernoir (Red Blend) 2020 - Prohibition Cellars

Rose 2021 - Prohibition Cellars

Jones Soda (assorted)

GoodSam Chocolates (assorted)

Siete Kettle Cooked Potato Chips (assorted)

The Ugly Company Dried Fruits (assorted)

Nat's Nuts (assorted)

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