10:30 am PDT - Saturday 05/13/2023

Jazz Brunch

An eclectic musical and culinary experience

Tickets start at $75.00
10:30 am PDT - Saturday 05/13/2023

Jazz Brunch

An eclectic musical and culinary experience

Tickets start at $75.00


Get ready for a musical and culinary journey like no other! Join us for a four-course brunch featuring the lively sounds of flute and jazz piano trio. Our special guest, Damoori Kitchen, renowned for its homestyle Lebanese cuisine, will delight you with dishes made from authentic and fresh ingredients – family recipes that have been passed down through generations. The fusion of classical and jazz music will be playful and fun, perfectly complementing the delicious food. It’s a feast for the senses that you won’t want to miss. Join us for a joyful and unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling nourished in body and spirit. Come ready to tap your toes and savor the flavors of this unique musical and culinary pairing!

Brunch Menu

  • Citrus Plate with Fresh Mint, Pine Nuts, & Rose Water
  • Lebanese Mezze Brunch Board (olives, cheese, crackers)
  • Ful Mudamas (simmered fava beans)
  • Knafeh bi Jibn (a two-layer dessert made of semolina dough and unsalted cheese, baked and served with sugar syrup)

Menu is vegetarian


Flute Concerto in G Major
WA Mozart
Suite for flute and jazz piano
Claude Bolling
Jazz standards
Sonata Latino
Mike Mower

Produced by

The Sustain Music Project is a classical music ensemble that presents innovative concerts, combining chamber music with experiences ranging from yoga practice to culinary adventures, lighting, storytelling, and other artistic and theatrical experiences. The musicians play not only in traditional concert and recital halls, but also in homeless shelters, retirement communities, parks, and schools, bringing music and arts to audiences with limited access to such offerings.

Damoori Kitchen was started with a simple premise about Lebanese food: that nothing’s better than the food cooked by teta (grandma).

Executive Chef and co-owner Andrea Matni-Ryan was raised in North Seattle to Lebanese parents and grew up in Seattle’s Lebanese community. Her summers were spent visiting family in Lebanon or hosting Lebanese relatives visiting Seattle. Whether at home in Western Washington or back in the “old country”, huge communal meals of home-cooked Lebanese food were a fixture: dishes like saniyet kibbeh, ruz wi djaj, fattoush, and freshly-made hummus or baba.

Named after Andrea’s father’s hometown of Damour, Lebanon, Andrea and co-owner Conor Ryan opened Damoori Kitchen in Magnolia, Seattle, in 2017 with the sole purpose of sharing homestyle Lebanese cuisine. The dishes are created from Andrea’s family’s recipes passed down through generations and crafted with fresh, authentic ingredients. They are driven by that authenticity because, at its heart, Lebanese food is more than a delicious meal, it’s about bringing people together.


Know before you go...

No Vaccination Required
Masks Optional
This event features beer & wine service at check in and throughout the event.
10:00 AM
This event features snack foods at the bar.
California Casual Dress: a laid back but smart-casual dressing followed by the tech professionals of the software companies based in California, which includes casual shirts, t-shirts, slack, jeans, and sports jackets.
Guests under 21 must be accompanied by an adult. We trust parents and guardians to consider the impact their young children may have on the enjoyment of other guests.

Seating / Layout

This event features seating at tables.
Seating Layout - 6 Tables - 68 Seats


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