07:30 pm PDT - Saturday 06/10/2023

Masters' Series

Two Fantasies

Tickets start at $25.00
07:30 pm PDT - Saturday 06/10/2023

Masters' Series

Two Fantasies

Tickets start at $25.00


Bookended by two of Florence Price’s fantasies for violin and piano, this recital contrasts the exotic with the mainstream. Price wrote once that “In all types of Negro music, rhythm is of preeminent importance.” Against the fiery drive of the Price pieces and Bartok’s Second Sonata, based on Eurasian folk music, violinist Ann Yu and pianist Irwin Shung pit the more familiar yearning featured in Brahms’ and Bach’s compositions for string and keyboard.


Know before you go...

No Vaccination Required
Masks Optional
No bar service will be offered at this event.
7:00 PM
No snacks will be offered at this event.
California Casual Dress: a laid back but smart-casual dressing followed by the tech professionals of the software companies based in California, which includes casual shirts, t-shirts, slack, jeans, and sports jackets.
All ages are welcome. Please consider the impact that young children may have on the enjoyment of other guests.

Seating / Layout

This event features seating in rows.
Seating Layout - Auditorium Rows


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Ryan Anderson Profile
published 02/08/2023
Ryan Anderson
Operations Manager
A true New Englander, Ryan brings years of stage management and production expertise. Mr. Make-It-Work, he stops at nothing to deliver a great experience for hosts and guests alike. Our resident sound engineer is also a dedicated husband and proud papa in search of other Celtics fans and gamers.
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