In Person & Live Stream
10/22 07:30 pm PDT
arx duo
Evergreen: New Music for Marimba and Vibraphone
Tickets $18.00
- $25.00
In Person & Live Stream
In Person & Live Stream
10/22 07:30 pm PDT
arx duo
Evergreen: New Music for Marimba and Vibraphone
Tickets $18.00
- $25.00
Stream Until: 10/26/2021 @ 12:00 AM PDT
Duration: 90 min.

Join Arx Duo for an evening of new music after a year of virtual concerts, online collaborations, and a variety of working with composers to create new pieces. Our concert features 4 pieces written for Marimba and Vibraphone, all with a unique style, and highlighting the resonance of each instrument.

The Marimba and Vibraphone are made of different materials, the marimba being wood and the vibraphone metal. The first piece “Ambient Resonances” really highlights the characters of the instruments, with the attack of the marimba sustaining through the vibraphone, as each new added note seems to last forever. This piece is one of our favorites, and inspired the creation of a variety of new pieces, on the rest of the program.

As percussionists, transcriptions are common and almost a must, and who better that J.S. Bach to get to play. The English Suite in g minor for marimba and vibraphone, is an arrangement we did to bring old music to these new instruments. Moving some of the ranges of the piano around between the instruments, we do our best to make the piece sound as if it was intended for the Marimba and Vibraphone. Following Bach, we are excited to bring a brand new piece from local composer Angelique Poteat to the stage. This will be its first performance ever, and very possible could still change after. We are most excited about bringing new music to audiences because its rare that we really get to hear classical music in a potentially changing state.

And finally, “Evergreen” by Robert Honstein is a full length 30 minute piece, written as a reflection on an entire year passing us by outside our windows. Robs beautiful melodies and harmonies mix with his masterful orchestration, to make it seem like there are more instruments then just the two players are playing. Catchy tunes and nostalgic, beautiful moments will captivate you, and serve as a reflection as we come back to live music.

Ambient Resonances
Peter Klatzow
English Suite No. 3
J.S. Bach
(Title TBD)
Angelique Poteat
Robert Honstein
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10/22 07:30 pm PDT

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