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Find answers to common questions about tickets

Sorry, we’re unable to process ticket purchases by phone. Purchases can be made online or in our lobby within 30 minutes prior to showtime.

Tickets may be purchased onsite within 30 minutes prior to showtime.

The ticket widget will not allow you to submit payment until all fields in the form are complete. Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required. Please be certain that you've completed all required fields.

For security and tracking purposes, many online forms use cookies to verify the content of payment forms. If your browser is set to block cookies, you may wish to unblock them. Learn more.

No. We do not set aside tickets. If an event sells out, no tickets will be available at the door. We recommend that event-goers purchase their tickets online and early.

No. Tickets may not be cancelled or refunded. However, you may request that a ticket be transferred from one event to another qualifying event. Because we host the events of many other organizations as well as our own, not all events qualify for a transfer.

Unless otherwise stated, the face value ticket includes service and processing fees. A combined local and state sales tax rate of 10% will be added to the retail ticket value.

Some events may offer group tickets and registration options. Here's how group registration works.

  • Find the event on our website and click the "Buy Tickets" button.
  • If group registration is offered, a new window will open giving you the option to select between Individual or Group. Select Group.
  • If someone has already created a group, you may search for it by name or you may create a new Group of your own.
  • Unless tickets are sold as reserved, groups do not guarantee a specific seat (reserve seating) and do not guarantee that the group will be seated together. Otherwise, it's important that you arrive early to claim your desired seats.
  • It's not necessary for one person to buy tickets for everyone in the group. Instead, you may create a group, purchase only your tickets, then invite others to join the group. You can manage your group from within Eventbrite.
  • A minimum and maximum number of tickets may be required for group purchases.
  • Once a group has been created or you have joined a group, you'll receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite. Use it to share and gain access to your group.

More information about how to invite others to join your group is available from Eventbrite.

Tickets for events are generally available as soon as they're published and up to 30 minutes prior to the event start time. If tickets aren't available, the ticket widget will display when sales begin and give you the option to be reminded when they go live. You may chose to be reminded or come back to the listing to purchase later.

If you didn't receive your tickets and/or a purchase confirmation, it may mean that you mistakenly entered an inaccurate email address (typos). This also appears to occur frequently for those using @comcast.net email addresses. Before anything, make certain to check your SPAM folder and, if you commonly use multiple email address, check those as well.

Tickets are sold using the Eventbrite platform, which makes it convenient and easy to manage your ticket purchases. We suggest that you create an account and download their phone app.

If you're still having trouble finding your tickets, check out Eventbrite's help article.

Event Details
Find answers to common questions about events

Doors open 30 minutes prior to the showtime listed on your ticket. Doors lock 30 minutes after the showtime listing on your ticket. Please plan to arrive within this window. Should you arrive early, we recommend that you visit one of a growing list of restaurants and cafés at SOMA Towers and the surrounding neighborhood. Sorry, in courtesy to the audience and performers, late arrivals will not be admitted and no refunds will be issued.

Online tickets are delivered as a PDF attachment to the purchaser’s email address via the Eventbrite platform. You may print your tickets or present them at check in using the Eventbrite smart phone app for iOS or Android devices. Look for these links in your confirmation email to access your tickets.

Bar service is not offered at all events. The status of bar service and other important event details is indicated in the right-hand column on the event details page from which you may initiate your ticket purchase or event registration.

In addition to wine and beer, we serve non-alcoholic beverages like soda and bottled water. We also provide snack options like chocolates, sweet and salty popcorn, Sun Chips, and assorted nuts.

During a public performance and when Resonance is open to the public no outside food and drink is permitted within our walls. Food and Beverage options are available, depending on the wants and needs of the event organizer, and are provided by our professional catering and bar tending partners. See event details for Food and Beverage options.

Most events at Resonance feature table seating at which wine and beer varieties are available for purchase by the glass or bottle. Some events may also feature desserts, snacks, and other specialty items produced by local vendors. It all combines to create an elegant event.

For events serving alcohol, minors under the age of 18 are welcome when accompanied by an adult unless otherwise stated on the event details page.

We ask that parents and guardians be mindful of the impact their children’s attendance may have on the enjoyment of others. Please use discretion when bringing very young children or those who may distract the performers or audience.

Unless otherwise stated, photography and any other forms of video or audio recording, at any public event, is strictly prohibited. Violators who refuse to comply will be asked to delete associated files and may be escorted from the premises.

Seating & Accessibility
Find answers to common questions about events

Each event listing displays a list of event details along the right-hand column of the details page. Each listing will state whether seating is configured in rows or at tables (or some other variation).

Row seating is a traditional auditorium seating format. Table seating typically features 8-10 chairs placed along round tables in a cabaret style configuration.

Most events at Resonance are General Admission. If and when an event offers reserved seating, our ticketing platform will ask you to select your seats from a seating map.

Our facilities are handicap accessible and meet all local, state and federal requirements. Please use the retail elevator accessible from the street level at the central courtyard – between the two towers. The same elevator serves the retail portions of the parking garage (P1, P2). Take the elevator to L2 to access Resonance. To find seating, ask the attendant at check in for assistance. Please contact us for questions and concerns about accessibility.

Park & Find Us

Resonance is located at the northwest corner of the second floor of the north SOMA Tower. You may reach the second floor by taking the stairs from the street level or the guest elevator from the parking garage below.

Avoid Parking Citations

Regardless of the duration of your stay, all drivers are required to print a parking receipt and lay it face up on their dashboard.

  • When leaving your car, make note of your stall number
  • Enter it into the parking kiosk located near the retail elevator at the center of the garage (marked in orange-red paint)
  • Select the duration of your stay (the first two hours are free, each additional hour is $2.00)
  • Make payment if necessary – machine accepts credit/debit cards, cash and quarters (does not make change)
  • Print a receipt, and leave it on the dash of your vehicle

Please note: we are a retail business inside of a mixed-use apartment complex. Please avoid resident lobbies and hallways. Public parking is provided by the building owners and managed by the apartment leasing office. Please direct questions about parking citations to SOMA Towers Apartments

Before You Contact Us

To make affordable events possible, we operate a small staff. Before contacting us, please take a moment to review the detailed information on this page. If the answers you seek can’t be found here on our website, please contact us using the form below.

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