About Tickets

In-person and streaming tickets to events produced by Resonance Events are issued via Stellar Tickets. Events produced by other parties may sell tickets using alternative third-party ticket-selling platforms. Learn more about what to expect.

We host a wide variety of arts and culture events, including live music performances, community forums, and workshops. Whether you prefer to attend in-person, watch live streams, or catch up on-demand, we have something for everyone.

In addition to our own events, we also rent our space to third-party affiliates who produce their own public and private events. Check each event listing for more details on ticket options and specific event information. We can’t wait to see you at one of our upcoming events!
We’ve made it super simple to get tickets for events at Resonance! Our website is the place to find and purchase tickets. Just browse, search, and filter events until you find the one that speaks to you. Then, hit that “get tickets” button to explore the list of ticket options available.

Please note that venue renters, third party producers, and other affiliates may use a variety of third-party platforms to sell and manage tickets. We strongly encourage you to carefully review the terms and conditions of each independent ticket purchase, as the policies may differ from those of Resonance Events.

Resonance Events uses Stellar Tickets as the ticketing platform for the events that we produce. You can find ticket information listed on our event pages.
All ticket sales are final. Perishable merchandise cannot be returned or refunded. Resonance and its affiliates are not responsible for circumstances outside of our control that may prevent you from viewing live or on-demand content, including internet outages, user error, device failure, and scheduling conflicts.

If Resonance or its affiliates need to reschedule or cancel an event, we will provide a refund or credit for tickets. To request a refund or credit, please email us at info@resonance.events. Additionally, tickets can be easily transferred to another party through Stellar Ticket’s transfer process.
At Resonance, we want our events to feel cozy and intimate. While we don’t put a cap on the number of tickets that guests can buy, we do have limited space available in our venue. For that reason, we recommend that you buy your tickets online as early as possible to secure your spot and avoid disappointment.
Seating capacity varies depending on the layout planned for each event, so be sure to check the event listing on our website for details. Unfortunately, we don’t provide a running tally of tickets remaining, so we recommend purchasing tickets online and as early as possible to ensure you can attend. Don’t miss out on the fun!
We don’t have a physical box office at Resonance, but unsold tickets may be available for purchase in the lobby after doors open for the event. However, it’s important to note that advanced tickets purchased online are usually much more affordable than tickets purchased at the door. We strongly recommend buying tickets in advance online to secure your spot and save some money. Please check the event listings for more information.
Unfortunately, we are not able to process ticket sales by phone. As a small business, we are unable to allocate the necessary resources to support phone orders without driving up ticket prices. We recommend purchasing tickets through our website to quickly and easily secure your spot at our upcoming events. Don’t wait too long, though – tickets can sell out fast!
Absolutely! You can easily transfer your tickets to another person through our ticket seller, Stellar Tickets. To complete the transfer process, all you need is the email address of the person you’re transferring the tickets to. It’s a quick and simple process that ensures your tickets won’t go to waste!

More Questions?

No problem! Stellar Tickets provides lots of support.

About Streaming & Virtual Events

Select the event you wish to stream then click the “Get Tickets / Watch on Stellar” button. Purchase a streaming ticket via Stellar Tickets then check your inbox for ticket confirmation and information about how to view the stream. Stellar Tickets supports streaming on computers, tablets, mobile devices, and several television streaming devices like Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV.

A live stream virtual event is an online event that is broadcast in real-time, and the audience can only view the event while it is happening. Live streams may also feature interactive activities like chat rooms, if your device supports those features.

An on-demand virtual event is pre-recorded and can be accessed at any time the producer has made it available, giving you the flexibility to watch the event whenever you want. It may not offer the same level of interactivity as a live stream event.

Our ticket seller, Stellar Tickets, offers a variety of options to stream events. They have apps available for iOS and Android devices, as well as Roku, AppleTV, and FireTV. Additionally, you can stream events on your web browser and even participate in chat features during live streams to connect with other viewers from the comfort of your own home!

If you experience technical difficulties during a live streaming event, don’t worry! Stellar Tickets, our ticket seller, offers technical support for streaming events purchased through their platform. If you encounter any issues, start by reviewing their support page. If you still need assistance, you can contact them directly at support@stellartickets.com. They’ll be happy to help you get back to enjoying the event as soon as possible!

Venue Information

Resonance is located on the second floor of the north SOMA Tower in downtown Bellevue. We encourage our guests to carpool, take public transit, or use a ride sharing app when able. Here’s a Google Map with transportation options and driving directions.

Follow the guidance on our About Us page for how to locate us in the building.
Public parking is available in the SOMA Towers parking garage. Visit the About Us page for more information. Explore other nearby options via BestParking.com
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All good things must come to an end
RESONANCE will close its doors permanently, August 31, 2023