Updated: November 6, 2022

All future in-person and streaming tickets will be issued and managed via Stellar Tickets. Learn more about the transition and what to expect. 

Accounts held on www.resonance.events will be closed and access to past orders, tickets, and streaming content will end. Those with tickets to upcoming events (in-person or streaming) will be issued new tickets from Stellar Tickets. Subscribers will be notified privately and told how to establish a new subscription via Stellar Tickets. 

Stellar Tickets

We have identified a number of technical limitations that have negatively impacted the user experience and created inefficient workflows for Resonance staff. 

Stellar Tickets delivers the experience our guests expect: a streamlined purchase and login process, streaming on multiple devices with apps built for Apple, Android, FireTV, and Roku devices. And most of all, Stellar provides technical support to guests when they need it most (during an event), allowing us to focus on producing events and serving those in attendance.

Guests will benefit from a more reliable and intuitive system built by experienced designers and engineers that is supported by a team of knowledgeable customer service representatives. 

  • Easily purchase and manage tickets from one location.
  • Get receipts and tickets through email along with helpful reminder notices before and after an event. 
  • Play Live Stream and Video On Demand from one central location. 
  • Watch streaming content on multiple devices via iOS, Android, AppleTV, FireTV, and Roku apps on a compatible device. 
  • Chat with other guests during the show. 
  • Easily check-in with digital tickets. 
  • Buy multiple tickets and assign them to friends and family to watch or attend with you. 
  • Get technical support when you need it. 

No. Access to accounts via our domain www.resonance.events has been removed. Individuals who purchased tickets to upcoming events via the old process will receive an email notice from Stellar Tickets containing links to new tickets and information about how to access streaming content during and after the show. 

We will notify active subscribers and provide instructions for how to transfer their subscription to the Stellar Tickets platform. 

Yes. To access tickets and streaming content you will need to log in to your account at Stellar Tickets using the email you provide at check out. Learn more

Changes to Streaming

At Stellar Tickets Live Streams must be viewed during (at the same time as) the actual in-person event. In other words, to view the live stream, you must log in and watch the show at the start time. If you’re late, you’ll miss that part of the show.

However, tickets may also include access to Video On Demand, which can be viewed after the event is complete. VOD is available for a limited time so be certain to pay close attention to the start and end times posted inside the event listing. 

Some events may offer an option to rent streaming content and watch it over a pre-defined period of time (for example, 72 hours). On Stellar Tickets, your viewing window begins the moment you press play (not from the purchase time).

More questions?

No problem! Stellar Tickets provides lots of support.