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Kristopher Jenkins Profile
published 03/10/2022
Kristopher Jenkins
Executive Director | General Manager
Kristopher evangelizes the power of gathering to transform human relationships and communities. In his spare time you may find him traveling or whispering to plants in his garden.

We’re driven to build and nurture community by connecting people around the performing arts and special events.

We began as a physical space that is now something far more ambitious. Resonance Events is now a venue AND media studio.

We use technology to transcend limitations. We provide valuable services that include professional staging, lighting, audio, online box office, flexible seating configurations, bar service, catering options, and now high-fidelity video streaming and recording capabilities that expand your audience, reduce your workload, and continue to add value long after your event is complete.

Stream Anywhere

Sell and distribute streaming content to a global audience

Fulfill your vision

Present a highly professional performance and product

Create Experiences

Elevate guest experiences with food, beverage, and other amenities

Get Noticed

Build a strong brand and reputation. Earn fans and future gigs.

Promote & Sell

Link promotional posts to online ticket listings

Grow Your Brand

Share professional clips of recorded material on social media

Max Occupancy

Our venue accommodates a variety of seating configurations for small to mid-sized events.

Tables All-Seated
Auditorium Seating
Cocktail Reception

Interested in performing at Resonance Events?

Choose from two excellent ways to get started!

produce your own event

You may benefit from producing your own events and selling tickets to invest in your next project.

Producing your own event means that you claim all the proceeds, you own all the media content, and you control your vision.

Click below to learn whether producing your own event is the right path for you.

Propose a performance - Get Booked

We’ve partnered with Portland-based startup AmptUp. They collect all the information we need to make an informed decision. 

Simply create a profile then propose your performance via our venue profile on their platform. 

Placement is limited. Click below to get started. 

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All good things must come to an end
RESONANCE will close its doors permanently, August 31, 2023