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KASA Quartet, grand prize winners of the Coltman Chamber Music Competition, was founded in the summer of 2016 by Andy Liang, Aaron Schwartz, Stephanie Price-Wong and Kyle Price. The quartet performs an array of musical styles ranging from classical to gypsy jazz and various genres in between.

The group first realized their hybrid of interests collectively during summers of performing together at the Caroga Lake Music Festival starting in 2014. Stephanie and Kyle are siblings from Columbus, Ohio and were connected with Aaron Schwartz through their undergraduate studies at the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM). Kyle and Aaron were roommates during their time at ClM and began playing together through spontaneous improvisation sessions followed by various forms of chamber music with Stephanie and various artists including notable composer, James Rubino.

The joint efforts culminated with a prizewinning performance in the Senior Division at the 2012 OSTA Biennial Chamber Music Competition. This led to various future performances together and masterclass appearances with chamber music greats such as Peter Salaff (Cleveland Quartet) and Michael Tree (Guarneri Quartet) facilitated by the Chamber Music Connection, a prestigious chamber music program in Columbus, Ohio. The Chamber Music Connection instilled Kyle and Stephanie for their love of chamber music under tutelage and direction from their mother, Deborah Price. Each member of KASA has acted as guest artists and faculty to the Chamber Music Connection program over the years.

Andy Liang met Kyle at the Madeline Island Music Camp in the summer of 2013 and quickly became close friends and musical colleagues. Consequently, Andy attended the Caroga Lake Music Festival, a yearly music festival in Upstate New York featuring some of the world’s leading young professional musicians, that summer of 2013. Returning each summer thereafter, Andy met and performed frequently with Stephanie and Aaron along with Kyle and together, the four discovered a mutual interest and compatibility in style and personality.

As a quartet, KASA won the Grand Prize in the 2017 Collegiate Division of the 4th Annual Coltman Chamber Music Competition held in Austin, Texas and has taught and performed as featured guests at the Austin Chamber Music Center, Ravinia Festival, Saratoga Performing Arts Center and Chamber Music Connection. Individually, the four have won multiple national solo and chamber music competitions, been featured on NPR’s From the Top! Radio show, held professional orchestra positions and frequently appear in performances across the globe in solo, chamber music and orchestral settings.

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