Neymar Dias

A native of São Paulo and son of a Brazilian country music songwriter, Neymar Dias brings to his work a knowledge of diverse musical styles accumulated from the early days of his childhood, among them an array Brazilian regional music, jazz styles and classical music. He began as a self-taught musician, learning many string instruments such as the viola caipira (the Brazilian 10-string guitar), guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, ukulele and mandolin. He then majored in composition and conducting at Faculdade de Artes Alcântara Machado, and performed with orchestras including OSUSP and Orquestra Experimental de Repertório. Today he is active as a songwriter, arranger and studio musician, working with artists such as Inezita Barroso, Mônica Salmaso, Tinoco, Lea Freire, Ivan Lins, Theo de Barros, Nana Vasconcellos, and André Mehmari. His first album was Capim (2009), followed by Intervalo (2010) with his string quartet, Caminho de Casa (2012) and in which he honors country music, Festa na Roça (2013) in duo with accordionist Toninho Ferragutti and nominated for a Latin Grammy, Come Together Project (2015) in duo with bassist Igor Pimenta and devoted to the Beatles compositions, and Neymar Dias Feels Bach (2018) comprised of his transcriptions of J.S. Bach for viola caipira.

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