Xavier Lecouturier

Xavier Lecouturier, a fiery and passionate drummer, plays with his group the DXL Quartet that performs regularly in the Seattle area and is recording a record to be released in 2018. He is currently the Drummer for the Thomas Marriott Quintet which performs regularly in the Seattle Area. Xavier is also the drummer for New Orleans Based singer James Quick which he tours with internationally. He also has been teaching at middle schools in both the Bay Area and in Seattle including Jane Addams middle school and Miller Creek middle school. He also has been a visiting artist at Marin Catholic High School in California. Beyond that he is active in the Seattle music scene where he can be found playing with some of Seattle’s best players, Jay Thomas, Thomas Marriott, Dawn Clement and Mark Taylor to name a few.

Xavier found music at a young age through the guitar. His parents are both immigrants from France and Mexico and brought their music to the house in which he grew up. This had a lasting effect on his musical experience. As a young boy, he begged and begged for a guitar and lessons. Once he had a guitar he was off to the races and began his life as a musician. He went to an arts high school, Marin School of the Arts, where he really started to push forward in his craft. Now Xavier is currently in school at Cornish College of the Arts earning his BA in music performance. He has studied with drummers Ted Poor, Mark Ivester and John Bishop. Through all of his training his cultural identity has remained a strong part of his art. He uses his identity to push the boundaries of his music into new places. 

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