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Angelo Rondello

Pianist, educator and cultural ambassador Angelo Rondello’s playing has been described as “fascinating, enthralling, magnetic” (Philippine Star), and “a true tour-de-force such as not often encountered.” (Classical Voice of North Carolina). His work as soloist, chamber musician, and teacher has brought him to Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Norway, Italy, Hungary, and throughout the USA.

Founder and director of Music Exchange International, Angelo’s cultural diplomacy work has created cultural exchanges that have brought musicians from around the world to perform and teach in the United States, and has showcased American performers and composers in numerous countries abroad. A sought after educator, Angelo teaches privately in Seattle, WA and Fort Worth, TX, working with talented students of all ages who are regular winners of local and regional competitions. He is a frequent adjudicator and competition juror and teaches masterclasses at universities, private studios and festivals throughout the world.

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Angelo Rondello

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