Greta Matassa

Greta Matassa

“Matassa’s performance was a marvel of virtuosity.” —Los Angeles Times 

In the Pacific Northwest, where she built her career, Greta Matassa wins wide acclaim; 7 times, the  readers of Earshot, the Seattle jazz magazine, have voted her the best jazz vocalist in the Northwest. She was inducted into the Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame in 2014. Jim Wilke, the Seattle jazz maven and host  of the syndicated “Jazz After Hours” radio program, praises her versatility. “She has a fearlessness in  approaching material,” Wilke says, “that makes her like an instrumentalist in a jam session.” Bassist and producer John Clayton says “One of the best jazz singers we have to boast about these  days.” 

Her 40 year career has been a whirlwind of exciting opportunities and experiences. Over the last 20  years she has become established as one of the greatest jazz singers of her time. Working with top jazz  musicians in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. In 2016 She was featured with bassist John Clayton’s  group in a centennial tribute to Ella Fitzgerald. 

She has recorded 11 CD’s. Her latest release “Portrait” on Origin Records is receiving rave reviews. Her decision to start teaching was probably her greatest contribution to the future of the genre she  loves so much. For the last 20 years Greta has become one of the most unique and respected  educators in the field today. Offering individual lessons and mentorships as well as establishing loyal  student bases from Seattle to Japan, From Alaska to Kauai, from Chicago to New York. Greta travels extensively teaching and performing.

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