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Paul Rosenberg

Paul Rosenberg has been a singer since toddlerhood when at two years old, legend has it, he mimicked Frank Sinatra singing “Just in Time” as it played through a car radio. Paul has sung bass since puberty struck at age 9. Paul worked as an actor in mostly musical theater and cabaret in Colorado and Chicago from 1980 through 1993 when he transitioned to a happy amateur with a more steady income as a production designer.

Paul’s small ensemble experience began in 1972 with semi-professional swing choir, The Kids from Illinois, giving him a taste for small ensemble singing that continued with a dozen different groups through high school and college, re-emerging in 1995 with the men’s octet, the Windy City Slickers and again in 2000 as founding member of Captain Smartypants. Paul is grateful and proud to be a part of Princess Guy, a truly collaborative vocal ensemble that collectively charts its own course as a creative venture, a project in which artists are the masters of our own fate. Paul is Jewish, American, a princess and the husband of Eric Lane Barnes because somewhere along the line, he must have done something good.

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