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Delight the people who matter most at your next special event.
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We are an intimate event venue in downtown Bellevue, perfect for hosting a variety of events.
Private Parties

Celebrate special occasions. Form strong bonds with friends and family.

Business Meetings

Nurture meaningful relationships with your team. Bring everyone on board.

Marketing Events

Build personal connections with your customers.


Encourage others to invest in our community.


Provide information and discuss important topics.


Solve complicated problems with others.

Music Performance

Share your talents, share culture, and build community.

Sound Recordings

Record your special project and share it with others.

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Rental Periods & Rates

In order to manage availability and make more time available to more people, we rent our space in blocks of time, not hourly. Demand for space is greatest evenings 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm, weekdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Sundays 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Seasonal demand is highest in December.

Event Minimums

Your event may be subject to a Minimum Spend. Minimums are predetermined by date and time of your event relative to demand. The sum purchase of rent, AV services, and bar products apply toward meeting the Minimum Spend.

Labor, taxes, fees, tips and gratuities, and purchases made directly or indirectly from third party providers do not apply toward meeting minimums. 

Event Estimates

A Sales Specialist will consult with you to draft a customized estimate that reflects your event’s needs then provide a comprehensive contract proposal outlining the details of your event. A combination of factors may contribute to the overall cost.

Guest Count
Resonance is a single and private space. We don’t host multiple groups and events at the same time. You and your guests will have exclusive access to all the rooms inside. Maximum capacity for your event depends highly on room configuration.
Cocktail Reception
Auditorium Style
Tables All-Seated
Private Event Services

Beer & Wine

We offer a full-service beer and wine bar that may be hosted or served on a cash basis. Schedule a wine tasting then select from our standard list of wines or custom order. Supplement our standard service with glass rentals.

Due to the terms of our liquor license, bar service is limited to beer and wine and may not be provided by an outside source. Bar service is subject to meeting a qualified minimum purchase.

AV & Others Services

Most events come with complimentary services like planning, coordination, placement, and setup of chairs, tables, and linens. We also document vendor contacts, delivery and pickup timelines, and provide venue supervision for the duration of your rental.

Some events may require services like hosted parking, video projection and advanced production support like stage management, audio and stage lighting engineers, and specialized equipment rentals. All are available at additional cost.

In-House Beer & Wine Bar
120 Chairs
Table & Linen Setup
Sound System
Free Wi-Fi
Catering Partners
Projector & Screen
Online & Box Office Ticketing
Event & Vendor Coordination
DJ's Allowed
Vendor Services
Events requiring food service, supply rentals, flowers, photos, and other specialized services will require support by an outside vendor. Please contact vendors separately to receive an estimate for their services.


You are welcome to work with any licensed catering service or other vendor. However, we encourage you to select one of the recommended vendors below. They know where to go, when to be there, and understand our policies and procedures. Selecting a recommended vendor will save you precious time and help prevent unexpected errors and mishaps.

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