RESONANCE Events Announces Closure, Leaving a Legacy of Artistic Engagement

RESONANCE Events Announces Closure, Leaving a Legacy of Artistic Engagement

Bellevue, WA – It is with heavy hearts that we announce the closure of RESONANCE Events, effective August 31, 2023. Since our first event in September 2015, RESONANCE has been a vibrant hub for community activities and arts and cultural events, providing a platform for artistic expression and fostering meaningful connections among residents.

Throughout our journey, we strived to create an intimate, modern, and versatile venue that transcended traditional boundaries. We wanted to reshape the way people interacted with and valued the arts, inviting performers and listeners to exchange roles in the unique realm of live music. We aimed to showcase the invaluable contributions artists make to our economy and collective quality of life, emphasizing their significance to the community.

We are deeply grateful for the invaluable relationships we forged along the way. Collaborating with esteemed organizations such as Classic Pianos and the Eastside Music Teachers Association allowed us to provide young students with a world-class platform to share their hard work and talent. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the many individuals and organizations who have contributed to the vibrant tapestry of RESONANCE Events.

  • Classical KING FM
  • Eastside Jazz Club
  • Wintergrass
  • Seattle Pro Musica
  • The Sustain Music Project
  • The Northwest Edvard Grieg Society
  • Pacific MusicWorks
  • Bellevue High School Band Boosters
  • Common Tone Arts
  • Seattle International Piano Festival
  • Chopin Academy of Music
  • Music Works Northwest
  • The Chopin Foundation of the United States
  • Premier Vocal Entertainment
  • Kelley Johnson and The Offbeats Vocal Jazz Ensemble
  • Puget Sound Concert Opera
  • Bill Anschell
  • And countless others who have been instrumental in our success

During the challenging times brought by the pandemic, we were fortunate to retain our dedicated staff thanks to the commitment of our owners. Despite our best efforts, the impact of changed consumer behavior influenced by prolonged shutdowns and new perspectives of in-person gatherings and how we engage with the arts, have significantly affected event attendance. This, coupled with the risks associated with future productions, has rendered the viability of RESONANCE Events increasingly uncertain for both us and the community organizations we have proudly supported.

While RESONANCE Events may be closing its doors, the spirit of artistic engagement and creative exploration will continue to resonate within us all. We encourage the community to continue embracing the arts, supporting local artists, and cherishing the profound impact they have on our lives.

For any inquiries or further information, please write info@resonance.events.

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published 08/02/2023
Kristopher Jenkins
Executive Director | General Manager
Kristopher evangelizes the power of gathering to transform human relationships and communities. In his spare time you may find him traveling or whispering to plants in his garden.
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