Streaming an Event at Resonance

Streaming an Event at Resonance

Streaming an event is unfamiliar territory for many. It couldn’t be more simple or convenient. Here’s an easy how-to-stream an event.

Paid or Free Events and Content

Much of the content we share on our site is free. We publish these videos to give our patrons a sample of featured performers and upcoming events. No login or purchase is necessary to view this content. 

Other video requires an active subscription and/or ticket purchase to view it. Your purchases fund the projects we produce and provide the livelihood of performers and our team. 

Stellar is an all-in-one platform where guests purchase tickets, bundles, and subscriptions to attend and view events via live stream or video on demand. 

Search, filter, and browse events via our website. From each listing, click the Get Tickets button to buy and stream on Stellar. 

Review our Help article for more information on the switch to Stellar.

To View Paid Streaming Content

  1. Purchase a qualifying subscription or ticket from Stellar Tickets. 
  2. Stellar uses your email address to identify you and to provide receipts, instructions, and other notices. 
  3. Return to Your Tickets on the Stellar app to access past purchases.
  4. Click the ticket to view the event and stream virtual content. 

After Purchasing Tickets

  • Connect to a network with good bandwidth (at least 10 mbps).
  • Visit Stellar Tickets to ensure you are able to log in.
  • Save your username and password.
  • Watch Stellar’s test video.  
  • For full enjoyment, use a full screen device (e.g. desktop, laptop, or tablet).
  • For the best experience, download the Stellar Tickets app for Apple, Android, FireTV, and Roku devices.

Need Help?

Click the Contact the Event Organizer link at the bottom of the Stellar Tickets event listing then follow the prompts to connect with the right agent.

Thank you and enjoy the show!

Your support, patience, and willingness to empower yourself to resolve simple issues helps us to keep venue rental and ticket prices affordable and accessible. 

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published 05/28/2022
Kristopher Jenkins
Executive Director | General Manager
Kristopher evangelizes the power of gathering to transform human relationships and communities. In his spare time you may find him traveling or whispering to plants in his garden.
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