Update: Captain’s Log “The Roast Turkey Skirmish”

Update: Captain’s Log “The Roast Turkey Skirmish”

About a month prior to Thanksgiving I usually get a call from my mother. It’s the annual “dinner simply requires more work than it’s worth” announcement followed by the complaint that her children always have “better things to do anyway.” I usually chide her. “Maybe we’re all so accustomed to nothing happening that we make other plans for fear of having nothing to do and no one to celebrate with.” 

My mother once pronounced that she and my sister-in-law would not be “fixing” a turkey for Christmas dinner. Instead, we would be having cold turkey sandwiches made from leftovers. Presumably roasting a bird a day earlier was less effort. 

A couple of things to note. 

1) None of the women in our family cook. My four brothers and I learned early that navigating the kitchen was preferable to starving to death. As grown men our partners now benefit from my mother’s unintentional feminist tutoring. 

2) I don’t fault my mother entirely for her disillusion with family gatherings. The question of which came first — no plans for dinner or no one showing up for dinner — has been at issue for so long that no one can remember the answer.  And, honestly, given my profession, it’s a question I often find myself asking.

I’m sharing my family drama to help me make a point. The fact is that we caught a bit of my mother’s doubt and fatigue here at Resonance following the pandemic; plagued by the nagging question, “Is any of this worth it?” 

I’ll spare you the details of our struggle. Just know that we’ve decided that it is worth it. Roasting a turkey and preparing fifteen different side dishes (okay, that’s a bit much) is worth reuniting with the people we love and the folks we haven’t seen for so many years. We hope you agree and that you’ll feel inclined to join us at one of our upcoming soirees.

What’s new and happening?

We’ve decided to get personal. You may have already noticed that our website is transforming, maturing into something with more depth of flavor. The changes are motivated by one all-encompassing goal: to make our guests feel welcome. We want our space to feel like a second home, a place for people to gather and enjoy the company of other human beings. 

About Us

The first step is introducing ourselves. In the coming weeks we’ll invite you to learn more about us. The new About Us page will highlight the personalities of our staff and help you better understand exactly what we do here.

Our Blog

The second step is staying in touch and keeping you informed. Our new blog will contain updates, important announcements, and articles describing every detail of how we produce virtual events and streaming concerts, suggestions for hosting your own event, and personal insights from our team and our partners.

Concert Performances

We’re diligently seeking performers for the ‘22-‘23 season. We’ve developed a new payment and incentive system that we hope will attract new talent and secure more consistent performances. Our goal is to present at least one weekly public concert performance. We want you to rely on a regular and consistent schedule of events so that when you’re sitting at home with nothing to do, when you need respite from life’s woes, you know you can turn to us for emotionally soothing and mentally engaging experiences to share. Please stick with us while we work to secure the talented performers you’ve come to expect. Announcements are forthcoming! 

Shared Experiences

We are committed to shared experiences, which means that people from all walks of life are encouraged to attend and participate. We are a communal space where guests are encouraged to sit at a table with a total stranger and meet someone new. You never know, you might meet someone who will change your life!

Bridging the Virtual Divide

Many of us have discovered novell technologies to connect with friends and family around the globe. Many of our events will be streamed live to guests near and far. We’re experimenting with new ways for those attending in-person and those watching on screens to introduce and greet each other. Stay tuned for more…  

Bar Upgrades

We want each event to feel special, something worth your time and effort. 

Over the summer we’ve developed new relationships with independent and artisan vintners. Many of these wines are only available in limited capacity and from limited sources. You can’t buy them at the supermarket. 

We’re also excited to introduce new and unique non-alcoholic beverages and snack items. Occasionally, events may also feature custom made food items like charcuterie and cheese snack boxes and other treats provided by our catering partners. 

Online Pre-Orders

Many of these new bar items and other merchandise will be available for pre-order during your online ticket purchase. Because we don’t have a kitchen of our own, some items must be prepared offsite, in advance, and may be available in limited quantities and by pre-order only. That’s how special they are! 

So, if you see something that strikes your fancy, don’t delay. Buy a ticket (package) and make an early commitment to showing up.

Private Events and Event Rentals

We host hundreds of “hidden” events every year known to only hosts and their guests. We mean to change that by featuring select private events in our event archive. Learn about a special piano teacher and her students, the nonprofit raising funds for a worthy cause, the family celebrating an important milestone, or the small business introducing a new initiative to its team and customers.

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published 08/17/2022
Kristopher Jenkins
Executive Director | General Manager
Kristopher evangelizes the power of gathering to transform human relationships and communities. In his spare time you may find him traveling or whispering to plants in his garden.
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