What To Consider When Choosing a Live Music Venue

What To Consider When Choosing a Live Music Venue

Common Considerations when seeking a Live Music Venue

It can seem like an overwhelming task: Where is the best place to host live music? Right off the bat, you have many items to consider (and maybe some you haven’t yet considered!) including:

  • What kind of stage do I need?
  • What can I charge the public for entry or what is the public willing to pay to attend? 
  • How many people can occupy the venue? 
  • Does the aesthetic/environment pair well with my brand?
  • What kind of support for stage management, live sound production and engineering do I need?
  • What about support for online ticket sales and onsite box office?
  • How do I factor in cross-promotion and audience gain potential?
  • Where is the venue in proximity to attendees?
  • How much do transportation and parking factor in?

A venue and team that understands the needs of live music producers and performers

Luckily, Resonance has been helping performers and artists address these questions for years, which is why you should consider our Seattle-Bellevue event venue and virtual studio for your next live music performance. We’ve hosted everything from private recitals to full-on concerts. Our intimate space provides excellent acoustics for your music, regardless of the instruments, which is why our clients choose us to host operas, choirs, bands, chamber music, baroque/period specialists, jazz, bluegrass, folk and more.

Start by viewing the stage and venue through our virtual tour which easily walks you through what to expect and plan for. Next, you can review what kind of seating works best for your concert and how many attendees you should plan to accommodate. Our venue supports a variety of seating configurations for small to mid-sized events which you can see here.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to support with professional staging and engaging lighting, live sound production, top-tier presentation capabilities, video, streaming and engineering. What about monetization? With Resonance Events, our website is designed to engage users and provide context needed to sell tickets online for in-person and virtual events. You can also secure your virtual concert behind a paywall to earn back your investment.

What do we mean by “virtual concert?”

Modern technology more affordably extends events and live performances beyond a physical location and specific date and time. Producing a television-broadcast-style streaming event increases the size of the potential audience, extends the ticket selling period, overcomes other limitations, and provides media assets that extend promotional value long after the event is complete. We have full presentation and video streaming capabilities to help you make a movie-quality experience for your audience!

Now you're wondering, “What about the location?”

Resonance’s convenient and centrally located eastside location has easy and inexpensive parking in the garage below. Even better, it’s only a 15 minute drive from Seattle, near express bus lines, and just blocks from the new east link light rail station (est. open 2023).

If you are searching for your next live music venue, look no further than Resonance Events. We partner with you and are committed to your success by employing a consultative process designed to learn all about your concert needs and help lead you through the planning and coordination of the event. Contact us today to get started!

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published 10/04/2022
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