When To Consider A Virtual Event

Did you know that producing a virtual event can help you reach a lot more people?

What defines a professional virtual event

A key component of a successful virtual event is using the right equipment. Have you ever noticed the difference between, for example, a concert shot on a smartphone vs a concert professionally produced? Devices sold to the general public – products like smartphones, webcams, and camcorders – are designed for the novice user. They purposefully compromise aspects of fine quality control in favor of ease and convenience.

Image Quality: Equipment and Production Environment

In contrast, we offer commercial video production services that use multiple state-of-the-art robotic cameras featuring high definition resolution that zoom in and out; pan up, down, left, and right; and whose shots are cut together from one camera angle to another. These cameras are also designed to respond to a variety of light environments. And that’s just to mention the image.

Audio Quality: Engineering Skill and Recording Environment

When it comes to sound, unlike the previously mentioned retail products, we produce a higher quality presentation by separating the audio capture from the camera then properly mixing them together with the video. Essentially, we create a professional recording studio on stage; independently miking singers and instruments to create a controlled environment designed to isolate elements on stage; eliminating echoes, crossbleed, feedback, and undesirable noise while preserving the ability to edit and master digital audio files in post-production. It all works together to create a cinematic experience.

Cost Efficiency of a Virtual Event

Significantly, because fewer people are required to operate and engineer the production, we can deliver both a high quality streaming and/or recorded digital media product at a fraction of the cost of many of our competitors. 

Consider the benefits of a Virtual Event

Our multi-camera streaming service allows you to broadcast to a worldwide audience from our Seattle-Bellevue event venue and studio.

Together with our partners at LiveControl, Virtual Event Production at Resonance is unlike anything you will find elsewhere. We offer:

  • One-man remote operation of four (4) robotic cameras.
  • LiveControl video service provider.
  • HD cinema quality image.
  • Full pan, tilt, zoom.
  • Overhead installation (allows for use of full venue footprint) w/ no disruption to guests and operation in venue.
  • Distribution of video to any RTMP streaming platform or service, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and our website.

This video is a promotional introduction produced by LiveControl. The devices and details featured within do not fully depict the enterprise-level services offered by Resonance Events.

In addition to the movie-quality film production, Resonance engineers three distinct audio mixes.

  • House (overhead) mix
  • Stage (monitor) mix
  • Stream mix

Individual “inputs” like microphones and amplifiers are channeled into a sound mixer where three distinct audio mixes (sound profiles) can be directed to multiple “outputs.” The house mix is what the in-person audience hears via overhead speakers, while the stage mix lets performers hear different balances between instruments through individual stage speakers (monitors) so they perform at their best. Our stream mix is engineered to the highest of standards then mixed into the video feed for guests to enjoy remotely on their choice of device. 

Care to enter the rabbit hole? Learn more about mixing audio from an excellent YouTube playlist.

Our virtual events aren’t just for concerts, however. We can incorporate your own proprietary graphic designs and recorded media to present something uniquely your own; perfect for corporate presentations, family events, social engagements and more. Add logos and bumps, incorporate content from slide shows, pre-production audio/video, b-roll, etc. into your in-venue projection (upstage) and/or streaming content.

The Lasting Effect

After we produce your virtual or hybrid event, you receive a digital copy that you can repackage and reuse in future campaigns.

The Benefits Of A Virtual Event Are Numerous

  • Host fewer events
  • Consolidate events from many disparate locations to one location
  • Save time and money promoting fewer events
  • Lower barriers to entry by saving guests the time and cost of travel
  • Address health and safety concerns; include speakers from distant locations
  • Facilitate quick, easy, and automated online donations
  • Extend the event beyond its “completion” by publishing recorded video; and repackage video for promotional purposes.

Virtual events bring reputable brands into the 21st century. You can add live stream production to make any in-person event virtual or hybrid. Submit your event inquiry today to find out more.

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published 10/11/2022
Kristopher Jenkins
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